Titanium Ruler + Knife Angle Finder

Created by Ben Banters

6 inch ruler with cutouts to find knife grind angles before sharpening. 2 mm thiiiick Titanium. Simple and useful.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Mid-Flight Update
23 days ago – Wed, Feb 10, 2021 at 06:29:12 PM

I'm one of those people who kinda' dislikes when the pilot jumps on the intercom mid-flight and says, "*Phsshhhh*. This is your captain speaking. We're [inaudible] 35,000 feet and [inaudible...] seatbelts. Thanks for [inaudible]." You feel me there? I was just starting to doze off with my head bobbing against the very uncomfortable passenger next me! Anyway, here we are mid-flight on the Titanium Ruler project, and you're welcome to sleep through the announcement if you like. Just make sure you wake up when the snack cart comes around again-- you don't want to miss your ginger ale and pretzels. ;) Speaking of snacks, 95% of you have filled out your backer survey. Excellent! If you're the 5% that haven't finished the survey, check your spam box or send me a message and we'll take care of it. Thanks! Now for an update:

I just picked up the anodized versions of the titanium ruler last week. Take a gander at how they turned out:

I ended up loving the gold much more than I thought I would. It definitely pops. The purple is pretty muted, but I think the purple-collecting folks out there will enjoy it. Next steps with the colors is to clean them all up with Windex and get them packaged. (Pro tip: when you receive your ruler and get your grubbies on it, the easiest way to clean titanium and make it pop again is with window cleaner.)

The official Knafs boxes are still in production, with minor delays happening from Covid. This won't affect the delivery date to backers at this point, but I figure some people will find it interesting that corrugated has had slowdowns from the virus. Flight tags have arrived, and they'll ship when the other rewards are ready.

As for the primary batch of rulers, our supplier in Taiwan told us they're on track to ship the final group of natural titanium on or before March 10. We're getting there! If you're getting anxious about the timing, take a look at the previously planned timeline here: 

I'll send another update in a month or so as the final batch of rulers arrive and we're getting close to shipping rewards. Thank you all for believing in my little project and sending it airborne. I'd fly with you all again any day. Which reminds me:

We have another exciting knife poster project launching next week with a few knife industry friends. If you want to get in on it, sign up for our email list here.

Surveys Are Out. And Colors!
about 2 months ago – Tue, Jan 05, 2021 at 10:39:50 PM

Yeehaw!! We just sent the surveys to the whole backer crew. Check your spam if it didn't arrive, then please let us know if you still haven't received it. 

We are planning to lock orders on January 20, 2021. Please fill out your survey before then.

Colors! I didn't mean to add complexity to the project, but then I saw these sweet colors to anodize the rulers, and I couldn't resist. I accidentally added 4 new, beautiful color options:

You will be able to select the color of your ruler in BackerKit during the checkout process - no extra charge. I had someone ask why I didn't do this during the campaign period. Long story short: I ordered about 400 more rulers than I was originally planning to hit a pricing tier with the supplier. Not a huge deal, but I figured colors would be a nice way to diversify the line long-term. And it seemed only right to give you all the chance to be first to choose colors. Enjoy!

Note: we found a glitch in the Survey Setup after sending, and there were about 88 of you that filled out your surveys before free color options were available. You can still go back and change your survey to a different color if you'd like. Let us know if you need any help with this.

I'm sure we'll have other wild adventures in the coming months as we get this project tidied up. I'll keep you posted as we roll through the rapids. Thanks for your patience in the process. 


30 Mind Blowing Days. Thank you all.
2 months ago – Mon, Dec 21, 2020 at 02:54:22 PM

And that's a wrap! Whoosh! What a ride! Thank you to all 443 of you who funded my project. I'm thrilled to have you all on my team. I didn't know what to expect with crowd-funding, but you all exceeded my expectations, blew my mind, and made me feel incredibly grateful for the kind support. Thank you.

Let's talk about next steps on this project:

Backer Survey and Schtuff

  • Your credit card will be charged shortly.
  • Within two weeks, you will receive a Backer Survey email from "Ben Banters" (check your spam folder!) with instructions about your reward. We'll need your shipping address and info. You can also add any of my other Knafs products to your order-- 10% off regular price for Backers only.


  • Making: We'll place the order for the Titanium Rulers in about two weeks; they should arrive within two months. The Flight Tags are finished. Our packaging will be finished January 26th.
  • Packing: 400 orders will take us a couple weeks to organize, pack, print, and label. We'll send you an update when this process is rollin.'
  • Shipping: We're still on track to ship out backer rewards by April 8, 2021-- maybe even sooner. 

Thank you all again for your generous support on this project. It's been an incredibly fun ride, and we're looking forward to shipping out the goods. Stay tuned! 

One Week Left! Progress Update.
3 months ago – Sat, Dec 12, 2020 at 10:34:25 PM

351 backers! That's more than double my high school graduating class. You see, I'm from a small town in rural Utah-- total population 7,700 the year I graduated. I never would have dreamed that I'd be able to make a product that hundreds of people in 24 different countries would want to own. Thank you all. What a thrill.

I took a prototype ruler with me on a recent desert wander in Southern Utah. I was hoping to do some sketching and ideation, but I chased the kids around instead. #dadLife ;)

Here's the latest on the Titanium Ruler + Angle Finder:


Do you ever invest money in ways that terrify you? I do. Yesterday, I dropped $2,400 on a cutting die and print plate for the ruler packaging-- that's a heap of money for a small business like Knafs! And some might argue that was a stupid way to spend. Perhaps. But here's how I see this Kickstarter: I'm not putting this stuff out there to make bank and buy a dirt bike or a new pair of skis. I see this entire project as an investment in my business. I've created a USA made corrugated box that fits the Titanium Ruler and will function as a general product box well into the future-- a long-term investment. This Kickstarter has given me confidence to invest in Knafs infrastructure. I'll be able to use the same cutting die and print plate to make inexpensive, easily recyclable corrugated boxes for 10-15 years. Thanks for trusting me with your hard-earned cash. Here's the final prototype of the box:


I spent part of last week preparing BackerKit to fulfill all your pledges. The coolest thing about that platform is that you'll be able to add other Knafs products to your reward. I'm particularly excited about this for Internationals that live in places we typically don't ship Knafs products. This is a great chance to pick up our poster, shop mat, or wallet. Additionally, if you want more Ti rulers, you'll be able to add more products to your reward at the end of the campaign.

Stretch Goals

One of my mentors suggested I do some stretch goals on this project. The thought was a good one. But I realized something about myself: I value simplicity. I'd rather do two products well than 4 products not-so-well. So, there aren't any stretch goals on this project to preserve simplicity and save my sanity. We're just rockin' the ruler and flight tag keychain-- keepin' it super simple over here. 

Friends to Follow

Lastly, this project has been inspired and mentored by several incredible creators in the Kickstarter community. And it just happened that two of those friends launched a new Mini Click Pen this week. If you love quality goods made by really fantastic humans, check out the Mini Click Pen from Chadwick and Joe of Big Idea Design. I backed the project, and I'm stoked to get a new Titanium pen... or do I pick Copper? Choices are hard... check out their latest.

Whaattt?!! Funded + Halfway There
3 months ago – Thu, Dec 03, 2020 at 10:28:10 PM

First: you all blew my mind. This project was 200% funded in 24 hours! Phenomenal. This is my first Kickstarter project, and I had no idea what to expect. But I surely wasn't expecting that. Thank you. I'm grateful for every single one of you jumping on to support a weird Titanium Ruler. It's happening! There are 16 days left in the campaign, and I couldn't be more thrilled. Here's the latest:


The first batch of rulers is rolling off the line in Taiwan. I heard from my supplier Jill yesterday, and she let me know everything is looking good. As for delivery time, it appears we may even be able to start shipping these to you before our previously promised April 8. No guarantees there, but we'll keep you in the loop.


I'm the kid who always liked to read the backs of cereal boxes during breakfast, and I've applied that same philosophy to my packaging design: there are things to read and Easter eggs to find. Here's the die line:

It's worth mentioning that this Kickstarter project has been a huge learning experience for me in many different areas, including packaging. For the curious: this is a roll end, front tuck box in a corrugated F flute printed on kraft. They're making the cutting die line and print plate now. Sound like Greek? It was to me too. I'm grateful you all supported my idea so I can learn this stuff. Your contribution gave me reasons to stretch and learn.


We're going to fulfill orders using BackerKit. The cool thing about that is you'll be able to add any of our Knafs products to your order as you're checking out. So, if you've had your eye on our Strop Wallet, but you live Internationally, you'll have the chance at the end of the campaign to buy one and have it ship with your backer reward. 


I heard from a follower on Instagram yesterday that this is the first time they've used Kickstarter, and they only did it to support my work. That stuff warms my heart. To all the friends -- new and old -- supporting my crazy ideas: thank you. The shares, encouragement, atta' boys, and good vibes all mean the world to me.